OzPlan Mitcham Financial Planners – About Us

A little about us

Our team has a wealth of financial planning experience and we can help you achieve your financial planning objectives. Our guiding principal is that in all dealings with clients, good advice is only confirmed by its absence.

Only strong team work can accomplish outstanding client service

We are privileged to service a substantial number of clients throughout Victoria, interstate and overseas. While it’s a fact that every single client is different, we have found that most share certain characteristics:

  • they like clear explanations of financial legislation,
  • they want plain language,
  • they want to benefit from our many years of collective experience,
  • they want to know how to create valuable assets and how to protect them and all this at a reasonable cost to you.

Our Autonomy is your Protection

OzPlan Financial Services are privately owned and operated. This means that the advice we provide is based entirely on research and investigation.

The benefit to you is that we are able to stay faithful to our commitment to make recommendations that are suitable to your needs and objectives.