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OzPlan Financial Services was founded in 1999 and now consists of 8 offices who share and manage the OzPlan Financial Services Licence. Each office is a stand-alone Financial Advisory business which focuses on their preferred client types and services as outlined under our individual office pages. This allows each office the flexibility to operate in their individual way, whilst also being part of a collegiate group of businesses who share ideas, responsibilities and experiences for the betterment of all of our clients.

Why use OzPlan?

OzPlan Financial Services are privately owned and operated. We provide tailored strategic advisory services.

Our advice and service is objective and focused on recommendations that are designed to get you the best outcomes for your lifestyle and financial goals. Each office is a stand-alone local business, not a franchise or large corporate so you get personalised service.  We use the combined size and strength of our 8 businesses to ensure the buying and negotiating power of a larger group is achieved to the benefit of our clients.

Our 8 directors have a combined 206 years of experience (29 years each on average) in the finance industry. They share this wealth of experience and knowledge regularly to help each other provide quality advice & services to their individual clients.

We offer a cost and obligation free initial discussion to help you understand the value our advice can provide and the problems we can solve for you.

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