Retirement Planning

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Ensuring the appropriate investment and management of your savings and assets is an ongoing task beyond your initial retirement and sound advice continues well into your senior years. Changes to lifestyle, health and medical requirements lead many seniors to elect to relocate or downsize their home. Some choose to enter into a retirement village to take advantage of the additional facilities available to compliment their lifestyle whilst some people, due to health, are required to make residential changes including entry into assisted residential care or taking up accommodation with family. These changes can have a significant financial impact and OzPlan Financial Services provides a number of financial solutions to assist with the administration of this process.

ozplan-bucket-list-beachOur services include:

  • Reviewing your current financial position and determining the financial impact of relocation plans
  • Reviewing how Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) entitlements may be impacted by changes to home residency.
  • Identifying strategies to maximise social security entitlements where and when appropriate.
  • Structuring financial assets for ease of ongoing client administration.
  • Discussing the financial impact to an estate and beneficiaries and working with your solicitor to develop a suitable estate plan.

Our first appointment is obligation free and we are happy to meet with you at your home if more convenient than meeting at our office. After hours appointments are available upon request.

Relocating To a Retirement Village

Taking up residency in a retirement village or community usually means entering into a residency agreement/lifetime occupancy contract with the facility operator and there are a number  of financial and legal issues  that must be considered as part of this process. OzPlan Financial Services works with clients to ensure they can fund both the initial payment and ongoing costs. We review how the residency agreement can affect social security entitlements and your retirement plan. We also review the financial impact of exiting the residence in the event your lifestyle needs change in future. We recommend that all persons considering entry into a retirement village engage the services of a specialised solicitor to review the legal ramifications of any contract prior to signing the contract.

Centrelink/ Department Of Veteran Affairs

OzPlan Financial Services offers specialised Social Security services including;

  • Determining how changes to your personal circumstances may affect your entitlements.
  • „Identifying strategies to maximise social security entitlements where and when appropriate.
  • Assistance with the completion of ongoing Centrelink and DVA paperwork.
  • „Updating and maintaining records to ensure correct pension entitlements.
  • „Reviewing entitlements on a periodic basis taking into account changes to social security rules and legislation to identify new opportunities to maximise entitlements where appropriate.