Our Services

OzPlan provides a number of specialist advice services relating to financial and retirement planning, investment advice and risk insurance that can help you through each stage of your financial life. This includes:

  • Advising on the steps to create, grow and preserve assets
  • Evaluating your human life value and protecting it
  • Preserving your interests in business ventures
  • Having money at hand whenever it is required
  • Continuing income in the event of sickness or accident
  • Funding the cost of education and related issues
  • Funding the lifestyle you deem desirable
  • Using strategies to enhance and preserve mid-life wealth
  • Designing a retirement plan that ensures your money lasts as long as you do
  • Knowing how to protect and transfer family assets

Our knowledge and experience in these areas enables us to help clients reach their objectives by ensuring that legislation and tax provisions work for them, not against them.

It is important to note: We do not have any shareholders represented by financial institutions such as banks, fund managers, or superannuation funds, our advice is based entirely on research and investigation.  The benefit to you is we are committed to making recommendations that are tailored specifically for your needs and objectives.

At OzPlan we follow a very reliable process.  To discuss your financial future in more detail contact OzPlan.